So this week I finished a big project that had been keeping my busy for pretty much the whole summer—hooray!  Now I’m just down to a few commissions that I need to finish, and then maybe I’ll open up some more spots, or at least do another print sale come holiday time.  We’ll see what happens!  

Thanks so much everybody who came by my table last weekend at Granite Con, it was such a great show!  I did a lot of sketches but either didn’t take photos of them or took terrible, un-post worthy photos with my phone, so if I did do a commission for anybody out there who wants to send me a scan or photo that would be awesome!  I’d love to be able to share them here.  

And hey, looks like I’m getting up there in my followers count—almost to a thousand!  Hot damn!  Thanks so much everyone that follows me, I think when I hit the milestone I’ll do a contest for you guys!  Stay tuned for that, whenever that happens, idk.